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Bibliography for bouzouki by Vangelis Trigas


The books that are written for bouzouki and are related to bouzouki teaching methods as well as the music sheets with songs and instrumental pieces were always of a great interest to a large number of bouzouki students and teachers. Those of course who wish to consider the learning process of bouzouki as an organised and integrated procedure that offers musical notation and not as a practical-derived from experience only and thus incomplete as well as inadequate teaching method. The urge to achieve a complete technical knowledge for bouzouki that will also be published, is very intense for many years now. Books that will cover these technical issues are highly needed and not books that include technical notes that mostly have to do with the guitar's teaching method. For a teacher as well as for a student of bouzouki, a complete method of studying bouzouki is a valuable tool, and it is crucial for this method to have the right pace, to give answers to all possible questions that a student can have and at the same time to be simple and understandable. Vangelis Trigas, an exceptional bouzouki soloist and bouzouki teacher, has made an extended research and recording so as for bouzouki, a folk instrument, to gain a well established technical background as well as a respectable study and teaching method. He is the author of many books for bouzouki that can be divided in two categories. The first category includes the books that consist his Method "Vangelis Trigas Method for three string bouzouki Vol 1-2-3" and the second category includes books for the greatest Greek Folk Composers and bouzouki soloists and they contain music sheets of folk songs and instrumental compositions especially written for bouzouki.



The Method


methodos-book-bouzouki"Vangelis Trigas Method for three string bouzouki Vol.1-2-3", is an integrated teaching method for bouzouki students. Apart from presenting all the important theoretical musical knowledge, it contains crucial practical issues. In detail: picking exercises- exercises for the fingers- exercises for glissando-chord analysis- ornaments-skill exercises-chords- rhythms - taximis- folk rhythms-basic rules for the positioning of the fingers-exercises for the independence of the fingers- texts with descriptions on technical issues-pictures showing the correct positioning of the fingers and 59 songs which correlate with the theory and practice of each chapter of the Method.







Bouzouki music sheets


partitoures-book-bouzoukiThe music sheets that contain songs that help students to implement the basic technical principles and thus should be a part of the study of a folk instrument like bouzouki. The collection of song music sheets is the second important element of Vangelis Trigas bibliography.
The main characteristics of Vangelis Trigas bouzouki music sheets and the reason that they differ from all other music sheets, are that these music sheets are written according to the original performances for historical reasons as well, secondly that they are enriched with all those ornaments that are necessary for bouzouki and finally they contain the technical instructions that help students play the songs easier.
Bouzouki music sheets by Vangelis Trigas are classified in his books in two ways. The first group of music sheets that include Rembetika and old Greek folk songs and artistic folk songs in the issues 1-7 are classified according to their level of difficulty. The second group of bouzouki music sheets, which are contained in the series titled "Greek Folk Composers», are classified by the name of the composer.






Greek Folk Composers


ΣΥΝΘΕΤΕΣ copy"The folk composers" is a book series dedicated to the most important Greek Folk Composers. Each issue includes the most exceptional and well known songs of each composer. Thus to some extent, it emerges their personal-distinctive style that each one had; not their compositions only, but also the way that they played the bouzouki.



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Instrumentals for Bouzouki


organika-gia-bouzouki-book-en"INSTRUMENTALS FOR BOUZOUKI" is the general title of the new series of books that Vangelis Trigas just started to publish. The instrumentals, which are written by the bouzouki soloists, consist an extremely interesting part of the Greek folk music and also a precious and important asset for the study of a folk instrument such as bouzouki. The instrumental compositions of the soloists of bouzouki from the Rembetiko period until today, apart from the musical interest they carry,they have played certainly an educational role for all generations of bouzouki players.
The writing of these instrumentals in music sheets and especially the fact that are written with technical instructions, is a valuable tool for those who try to play them and in particular those instrumentals that require higher technical knowledge and skills.


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