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Vangelis Trigas gives private lessons of three strings and four string bouzouki-tzouras-baglamas-folk guitar, to beginners and advanced students in Athens and Nafplio.
He is for many years a recognized teacher and bouzouki soloist and he uses a modern teaching method. His lessons are based on the best knowledge on all the basic principles of bouzouki playing technique which when combined with music theory give the possibility to bouzouki students to gain full knowledge in playing bouzouki and progress fast. Vangelis Trigas has been all these, years apart from an exceptional bouzouki soloist, a passionate researcher on the later history of bouzouki. His students gain not only technical knowledge but also academic, because he brings them close to all the stages that bouzouki entered , the way it was played in every stage and generally to all the factors that affected it since 1930.

Through his teaching, Vangelis Trigas aims to preserve and promote to his students all bouzouki elements that are crucial and timeless such as clear sound and in general the classic way that bouzouki was played on one hand and on the other, the need for bouzouki to be modernized and refreshed.


Online web lessons through   skype logo


Vangelis Trigas was the first bouzouki teacher in Greece that in 2006 started to use the internet in order to give lessons. He is very experienced in giving lessons through SKYPE and he still does that to students all over Greece as well as worldwide, offering them full teaching support.


Information about the lessons:

Mobile: +30 6944788422
Phone: +30 2752091586
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: vangelis.trigas